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Michelle Gilmore, RN, MSN, NP
Director, Private Health Advocacy Services

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6114 La Salle #221

Oakland, CA 94611


FAX: 510-339-0944


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Michelle Gilmore - President, RN, MSN, NP

Michelle has been a nurse for 30+ years. She has always had a passion for assisting her patients by educating them about their medical options, and assuring that they get the best possible care. Her experience in pediatrics, chronic illness, geriatrics and health care management has led her to become an expert in guiding patients through the healthcare system. She has the ability to navigate almost any situation, utilizing her network of providers and caregivers throughout the country. Michelle has imparted her expertise and has successfully built a team who is equally as qualified and passionate about assisting patients navigate the system.


Michelle is excited about being part of this new model with the U.S. healthcare system. Private Health Advocacy, and believes that within the next five years, it will become common place for every American to have a Health Advocate at their side whenever they enter the enter the medical system.